Please fill in the following fields :

The color should be between #000000 and #FFFFFF
Invalid color
The color should be between #000000 and #FFFFFF
Invalid color


Text color / Foreground

It is the text color. You can fill in this field with an hexadecimal value. i.e. #AABBCC color. Note that #ABC works also, we automatically complete the field with #AABBCC. You can also use this field without the # character, so FFF or FFFFFF works perfectly. The input value is then previewed on the right of the field.


It is the background color. This field works as the text color fields.

Component to edit

It is either the foreground or the background. Default is foreground.

The component you choose will be modified until we find a valid color. The other color won't change.

Minimum ratio

Three possible values 3, 4.5 and 7.

How to choose a ratio ? It depends on the following elements:

All details about the contrast ratio:

User Feedback

If you have any problems with or questions about Contrast-Finder, please contact us: